Nigeria dating on the internet has created fantastic dating nigeria opportunities and solutions for all Nigerians! Are you a Nigerian single? Are you lonely? Frustrated everyone you meet does not share your interest and culture? Who said you can’t find love online? Nigerian online dating is certainly the way to go in our fast moving and changing world. Lets take you through 4 must know things in Naija dating.


The lazy view that persons who go online to find love are ‘desperate’ is dating nigeria not exclusively a Nigerian thing. Online dating research by Jupiter research reveals that online dating is only just finding wide acceptance even in the so called developed world. We find many Nigerians ultimately turning to online dating because ‘I have run out of options’! You don’t have to run out of options before finding a Nigerian date online. The same rules apply like meeting someone anywhere else… you find a Nigerian date and apply your personal rules (go out, tell your pastor etc)

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A Dating Agency is a business function which provides services of ‘matchmaking’ through propagating the ideas of romance and marriage between potential couples. A Marriage Agency does similar functions, probably providing more services culminating in a marriage ceremony. Both services, though originally known about only discreetly, are increasingly become more on the lines of commercial businesses. Although dating agencies and marriage agencies have terms and conditions set out to prevent misuse or exploitation, there is the increasing fear that some agencies function as fronts for human trafficking or trade in humans.

There are many variations to dating and marriage agencies, along the lines of:

Compensation based marriage agency – functions as an intermediary to introduce men from developed countries to potential partners but a large percentage of women are employees paid to interact with men

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Do you want the good news or bad new 1st? OK, bad news 1st. Here it is: relationship experts say the “Rebound Relationships” are rarely based on love. That’s either good or bad, depending if you’re in or out of said relationship.

For the sake this article, I’m going to assume you’re on the outside looking in. Now the good news, you may not believe this, but you can actually make rebound relationships work for you. Give thanks to our creator that the feeling of “wanting to be in love”, usually lasts as long as the new romance lasts.

This doesn’t automatically mean they want their old partner back.

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Sometimes loves hurts. Sometimes life frustrates you. Sometimes relationships require work. When youre feeling hurt, broken, overwhelmed or frustrated with love, then support is what you need. After a breakup or a fight or feeling betrayed, all of a sudden you experience a huge vacuum of love where your heart was previously open and receiving love. And now its in protective mode. That may be why youre here reading about short love poems — to fill the vacuum with love words.

When you are hurting, you are at a pivotal point in your life. You know you are going to be OK, youre going to heal and get over this. But how you do it makes all the difference. You can stay angry at who created the love void. You can do and say things you might regret later. You can binge and fill the void with chocolate. You can close your heart down and shut it off for good. You can choose to burn bridges. You can write off the other gender. You can choose to linger in your pain for months and years and then recreate the pain anew in another relationship.

Or you can choose to forgive the other. You can learn to open your heart again. You can choose to use this experience to learn how to attract a better partner or mend ways with your current partner. You can choose to seek support from close friends and family in the immediate future while you heal.

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Many people are disappointed in their marriages as they assume that things will be smooth-sailing as they take their vows. Unfortunately, marriages have their own challenges. Things don’t work out automatically, and both partners need to really invest in the marriage. In many cases, it takes just a short time for couples to start going slowly apart, almost imperceptibly.

As a wife, you may begin to have your doubts whether that great man is really still passionate about you as he used to be. You may therefore be wondering whether there is anything you can do to ‘make my husband love me’ once more. The fact is that there are some useful steps that will help you if you want to strengthen your marriage in this way.

Make Husband Love Me Tips 1 – Focus on your marriage

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